Tumor Markers

TUMOR MARKERS: Tumor Markers are not diagnostic in themselves. a definite diagnosis of cancer is made by looking at biopsy specimens, for example of a tissue, under a microscope. However, Tumor Markers provide information that can be used to screen, help diagnose, stage the condition, determine prognosis, guide and monitor treatment and determine reccurence of the desease.The following tests are used in routine examinations but there are a lot of other diagnostic tests which can help in more complicated/rare cases.

  • CA 15-3: "The Mastery" is a tumor marker for Breast cancer.
  • C.E.A: "The Pioneer" is a tumor marker for Breast, Lung, Placenta, Colon, Rectum, Stomach, Ovary and Uterus cancer.
  • CA 19-9: "The Reference" is a tumor marker for Pancreatic, Bile duct, Colon, Rectum and Stomach cancer.
  • FBHCG: Is a tumor Marker for Placenta and Testicular cancer.
  • PSA & FreePSA: "The Perfection" are tumor markers for Prostate cancer.
  • CA 125: "The Evolution" is a tumor marker for Ovary cancer.