UNILAB was founded in 1996 with the intend of providing services in the field of clinical diagnostics as well as, non-clinical testing for food drinks and water.

UNILAB employs trained personnel and performs all its testing using automated, state of the art equipment. Unilab was the first clinical laboratory to be accredited with the quality standard EN45001 in 2001, this standard later evolved into the ISO 17025. The latter was separated to cover non clinical testing and the clinical sector is now accredited with the ISO 15189 standard.

UNILAB  is the only laboratory in Cyprus to be  accredited with both quality standards, the ISO 17025 which covers the non-clinical section of the laboratory (food and water testing) and ISO 15189 which covers the clinical section (haematology, biochemistry, immunoassay). Unilab implements a quality system for the entire range of its testing parameters (whether accredited or not), thus offering services recognising QUALITY as a major parameter of competitiveness.

UNILAB is situated in the heart of the capital Lefkosia (Nicosia)next to the busiest trade area of the town. It is two minute walk fromthe ministry of Finance and five minutes from the House of Parliamentand the museum. If one is travelling from Acropolis, UNILAB is oneminute away by car from the "Gavrielides lights". There are a lot ofparking areas around the lab but if you will be travelling for your"early morning check up" you can actually park in the road  under ourbuilding.

Our laboratory is situated on the third floor of theCITY HOUSE, 19 THEMISTOKLI DERVI  OFFICE 31. The architecture of thelaboratory allows us to see Lefkosia from three sides,the windows allaround allow natural light to flow gracefully into the laboratory,making it very bright and pleasant.

UNILAB is very sensitive tothe needs of our customers and if getting to the laboratory is a difficult task for you, please do not hesitate to contact us for a personilised service.We have mobile sampling units which allow us tocollect the samples safely from your residence without any discomfortto you and trasport them to the laboratory for testing. Just ask!!