In charge for the implementation and documentation of the ISO 15189:2012 and ISO 17025:2005 Quality Systems


Clinical microbiology section

Non clinical microbiology (food & water)

Food Hygiene and HACCP Consultant - Formulation and implementation of Quality System for Food Safety in food producing establishments trainings of personnel in regards to food safety.


  • 1981-1985 University of Canada: - BSc Double Major: Chemistry & Microbiology/ BSc Minor: Human Biology
  • 1986 M.I.M : - MBA (Master of Business Administration) – Specialization in Marketing
  • 1988  University of London(London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine): - MSc in Medical Microbiology



1988 – 1992 - Medical Laboratory Scientific Officer – St. Mary’s Hospital London UK – Departments of Bacteriology & Virology

  • Extensive diagnostic procedures for the detection of infective bacterial, parasitic and mycotic organisms
  • Use of high tech equipment for the identification of microorganisms and their antibiotic patterns
  • Use of selective and non selective media and various incubation protocols for the identification processes.
  • Extensive use of microscopy: light,inverted,phase contrast and  fluoresence using monoclonal and polyclonal bound immunoglobulins.
  • Investigation of food borne poisoning outbreaks
  • Blood culture systems. Antibiotic sensitivities studies
  • Extensive investigation of opportunistic pathogens in the immunocompromised host
  • Quality control, infection control
  • High quality automated systems for the detection of Hepatitis viruses, HIV, Herpes (HSV) and Cytomegalovirus (CMV). Extensive use of serology techniques SRH, EIA, ELISA
  • Tissue cultures as diagnostic toots for the detection of viruses using cell lines such as Human Embryo Lung Cells (HEL & MRC-5), Baboon Kidney Cells (BK), Vero & HEP2 cells
  • Confirmation procedures involving neutralization tests, Haemadsorption, Fluorescent microscopy


1992 – 1996 – Director of S.M.L Microdiagnostics - Specialised microbiology laboratory for the processing of clinical samples.


1996 – To date –   M.P.N. UNILAB LTD – NICOSIA

Formation of the partnership M.P.N. Unilab Ltd with another colleague of complimenting specialities. UNILAB is a fully automated laboratory able to carry out large scale of clinical testing. Main areas of specialization: Haematology, Biochemistry, Immunology, Microbiology & others. (Certificate of Registration for Clinical Laboratories given by the Government of Cyprus 1998). UNILAB was the first Clinical Laboratory in Cyprus to be accredited by the Standard EN 45001 which later involved to ISO 17025 and now for the Clinical Laboratories the specialized standard ISO 15189. Since 1999 I have been the Quality Manager and the Technical Manager of Microbiology field. UNILAB is an Accredited lab for both Clinical testing by ISO 15189:2012 and Non Clinical testing by ISO 17025:2005 for Food and Water Analysis.




  • Former president of the board of the Cyprus Directors Association of Clinical Laboratories.
  • Member of the Pancyprian Association of Chemistry
  • Member of the Cyprus Scientists Association of Clinical Laboratories
  • Emergency FIRST AIDER



  • NEW YORK, 25th of May, 2015MPN UNILAB LTD AWARDED WITH THE QUALITY SUMMIT NEW YORK 2015, GOLD AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE AND BUSINESS PRESTIGE – In recognition of the continuous search for quality demonstrated by the achievement of ongoing development and innovation applied to solutions which create business results.



  • Greek (mother language)
  • Fluent in English
  • Very good knowledge of Italian & French



  • Art, Sculpture
  • Music, Opera, Classical music, Cello