FEMALE AND MALE FERTILITY HORMONES: The female fertility hormones are produced by the ovaries and include the LH (luteinizing hormone), FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone), PRL ( Prolactin), Ez (Estradiole), Progesterone and sometimes the Thyroid hormones, Testosterone and DHEA-s. Laboratories and Doctors use these hormones to test whether a woman is fertile or not and depending on the hormone and its levels to identify a disease or a syndrome. For men the hormones being tested are Free Testosterone and Total Testosterone, LH, FSH and Prolactin.

PITUITARY GLAND HORMONES: The Pituitary Gland Is located below the Hypothalamus and behind the Sinus Cavity and produces several hormones that can be used to test and identify several conditions. The hormones tested are: PRL (Prolactin), Growth Hormone, TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone), LH and FSH.

THYROID AND PARATHYROID GLAND HORMONES: The Thyroid gland is a butterfly shaped gland located against the windpipe int he throat and the Parathyroig gland is four tiny glands located behind or below the Thyroid. The Hormones produced by these glands and that are used in clinical diagnosis are FreeT4 (Thyroxine), FreeT3 (Triiodothyrodine), Calcitonin, PTH (Parathyroid Hormone) Thyroglobulin and the Thyroid Antibodies TPO and TGA.

ADRENAL GLAND AND PANCREAS HORMONES: The Adrenal gland hormones used for diagnosis are Aldosterone, Cortisol and DHEA-S. The Pancreatic hormones used for diagnosis are Insulin and Glucagon