Immunology Analyser Elecsys 2010

INSTRUMENT SPECIFICATIONS: Elecsys 2010 Analyser is a fully automatic analyser system for the determination of immunological tests using the ECL/Origen Electrochemiluminescent process. The immunological reactions are used for the determination of Hormones, Vitamins, HIV, Hepatitis , PSA, Cancer markers, Toxoplasma, Rubella, Insulin, Ferritin etc. results are released within 30 minutes and the samples that can be used are either serum or plasma.

INTERNAL QUALITY CONTROL: Quality assurance is based on reference control materials andcalibrants, as well as Repeatability, Reproducibility within Run andbetween Run, Stability,Evaluation of Uncertainty, Statistics etc. thusassuring on a daily basis the evaluation of patients results. Unlessall 3 Levels of Internal Quality Control are within limits, no resultsare released to patients and the overall acceptance of the test results is based on the use of validated methods standardized against international reference standards.

  1. EXTERNAL QUALITY CONTROL: EQC scheme used by Unilab is a Bi-weekly External QualityControl performed by RANDOX LABORATORIES Ltd-UK (RIQAS). Evaluation ofall statistical breakdown is closely monitored by the Quality andTechnical Manager upon receival of results, assuring the performance ofUnilab on each test.
  2. INTERLABORATORY COMPARISONS: Random Samples are processed to other Accredited laboratories usingeither the same instrument or different once a month, for comparison.