Biochemistry Analyser Cobas Integra 400 Plus

INSTRUMENT SPECIFICATIONS: The  Cobas Integra 400 Plus is an advanced integrated system for diagnostic clinical chemistry testing, a random and continuous selective automated analyser. Cobas Integra 400 plus is used for Clasical chemistrry, Electrolytes, Specific proteins, Therapeutic drug monitoring, drugs of abuse, and Thyroid hormone testing are consolidated into one system with one reagent cassette design. It provides with random sample access, innovative robotics and an advance user interface, using windows NT, optimize time management and streamline work flow. The Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) module allows the determination of Sodium, Potassium, Chloride and Lithium ions in parallel with absorbance and photometric measurements. reagent cassettes, samples, calibrators and controls are identified by a barcode scanner.

INTERNAL QUALITY CONTROL: Quality assurance is based on reference control materials andcalibrants, as well as Repeatability, Reproducibility within Run andbetween Run, Stability,Evaluation of Uncertainty, Biological variation, Imprecision, bias and pool samples stability, thusassuring on a daily basis the evaluation of patients results. Unlessall 3 Levels of Internal Quality Control are within limits, no resultsare released to patients and the overall acceptance of the biochemistry report is also based on the information related to the patients. The instrument performs the validity of a test automatically.

  1. EXTERNAL QUALITY CONTROL: EQC scheme used by Unilab is a Bi-weekly External QualityControl performed by RANDOX LABORATORIES Ltd-UK (RIQAS), and a bi-monthly EQC by ESEAP (Evangelismos Hospital, Greece). Evaluation ofall statistical breakdown is closely monitored by the Quality andTechnical Manager upon receival of results, assuring the performance ofUnilab on each test.
  2. INTERLABORATORY COMPARISONS:Random Samples are processed to other Accredited laboratories usingeither the same instrument or different once a month, for comparison.