Haematological Analyser Pentra 80-ABX

INSTRUMENT SPECIFICATIONS: Pentra 80 is a fully automated system in which Full Blood Count (FBC) is carried out with differential leukocyte count (26 parameters). This haematological analyser uses Flow Cytometry based on the principles of impedance, Cytochemistry and measurement of light absorbance (DHSS) for the determination of Haemoglobin, White Blood Cells (WBCs), Red Blood Cells (RBCs), MCV, MCH, MCHC (haematological indices), Haematocrit, Platelet count and five part differential of White Blood Cells. 80 samples per hour can be processed with automatic and immediate re-run of Abnormal samples. Memory can hold up to 10000 patient files.  Samples in EDTA tubes are used

INTERNAL QUALITY CONTROL: Quality assurance is based on reference control materials and calibrants, as well as Repeatability, Reproducibility within Run and between Run, Stability,Evaluation of Uncertainty, Statistics etc. thus assuring on a daily basis the evaluation of patients results. Unless all 3 Levels of Internal Quality Control are within limits, no results are released to patients and the overall acceptance of a FBC is also based on the use of Blood Films.

  1. EXTERNAL QUALITY CONTROL: EQC scheme used by Unilab is a Bi-weekly External Quality Control performed by RANDOX LABORATORIES Ltd-UK (RIQAS). Evaluation of all statistical breakdown is closely monitored by the Quality and Technical Manager upon receival of results, assuring the performance of Unilab on each test.
  2. INTERLABORATORY COMPARISONS: Random Samples are processed to other Accredited laboratories using either the same instrument or different once a month, for comparison.