Instructions for Patients

1.    Blood tests are performed following a 12-14 hrs of fasting and abstinence from alcohol drinks for 24 hrs (especially for the lipid checks).
2.    For hormonal testing special instructions should be given by the doctor.
3.    For the Glucose Tolerance Test “GTT” the blood taking starts after a 12 hr fasting. This test requires 2½ hrs in which the patient must stay in the laboratory.
4.    For urinalysis sterile bottles must be used and are provided either by the laboratory or can be purchased at the pharmacy.
A midstream urine (void the first part and collect the middle urine - void the last part) is taken after the patient has cleansed the genitourinary section with mild soap water without any antiseptics.
The container must be sealed and transported to the laboratory as soon as possible. If the transport cannot be done right away 1-2 hrs refrigeration may be necessary.
Urine samples must generally be fresh for the testing. Culturing of samples must be done prior to the administration of antibiotics.
5.    For the detection of blood in stools (occult blood) collect the sample without the use of laxatives and after 2-6 days of diet without meat, green vegetables, bananas or iron tablet intake.
6.    For parasitological examination please submit 3 stool samples produced at different times.
7.    For 24 hrs urine collection please contact the laboratory for the special containers.
The collection is done over the 24 hr period. It starts in the morning after voiding the first sample of the day. The last collection is done the following morning with the first urine of the day.
8.    For thyroid testing all milk and fatty products must be avoided 24 hrs prior to blood collection. The morning of the testing the medication should not be taken.
9.    Dpd – Test for osteoporosis in women done in the urine using the first morning sample.

Any additional information must be seeked from the members of staff of Unilab.